Executive Leadership

On September 1, 2011, Mike Flory Real Estate Services merged with Monticello Property Management. The combined company now manages a diverse Southern California real estate portfolio which includes residential, commercial and retail assets, homeowners association contracts, and tenant advisory agreements. The current leadership of Monticello Property Management consists of:

Mike Flory

Mike Flory, Monticello Property Management, Broker/Owner

Mike is the principal owner/operator of Monticello Property Management. A graduate of UCLA, Mike is a licensed California real estate broker with over 30 years of direct real estate experience. He began his career managing a large portfolio of apartment buildings for a regional family investment trust. He is well versed in all aspects of property management including marketing, tenant screening and evaluations, lease and contract negotiations, maintenance and construction oversight, budgeting and accounting, reserve planning and asset valuation.

Email Mike: mike@monticellopm.com

Gillian Jensen

Gillian Jensen, Monticello Property Management, Office Manager

Gillian brings two decades of customer service experience to her role as Monticello Property Management's Property Supervisor and Office Manager. She organizes and oversees all back-office functions including financial bookkeeping, database management, maintenance requests & workflow, and ongoing tenant relations. Gillian is an outstanding multi-tasker who is committed to getting this done right for both the owners and residents we serve.

Email Gillian: gillian@monticellopm.com

Carrie Mitchell

Carrie Mitchell, Monticello Property Management, Senior Manager

Carrie has been a Community Manager with Monticello Property Manager since 2001. During that time, she's established a reputation as a hard worker who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success and profitability of the properties under her management. Carrie brings 20 years of hands on property management knowledge and experience to the Monticello team.

Email Carrie: carrie@monticellopm.com